Revolution in intralogistics

Stephan Weil, Minister President of Lower Saxony.

Hanover. Just as an orchestra needs a conductor, the factory and logistics centre of the future will need a central clock. Today's IT systems do not offer a solution for this. The start-up SYNAOS is therefore developing a comprehensive ecosystem - and is using the latest approaches in cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Founded in September2018 , the Hanover-based start-up develops software solutions based on artificial intelligence and the latest cloud technology to orchestrate the factory and logistics centre of the future. The starting point is the optimisation of intralogistics processes. There, the SYNAOS software solutions will control autonomous industrial trucks and forklifts, which are responsible for the distribution of goods in factories, for example, turning individual logistics units into a perfectly coordinated orchestra. The company, whose name SYNAOS stands for "synchronising chaos", is committed to nothing less than the revolution of intralogistics through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Now the fast-growing team is opening its first office in Hanover.In addition to around 150 guests, Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil was also present at the opening ceremony.

Holistic, adaptive planning for maximum efficiency

SYNAOS software solutions solve two fundamental problems of intralogistics. Firstly, to control transport vehicles in factories and warehouses today, specially developed software solutions almost always have to be purchased. Unlike what we are used to in our private lives with smartphones or laptops, there is no flexibility here. The result is different components that act next to each other instead of with each other. The software solutions from SYNAOS, on the other hand, are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer. Secondly, in the field of intralogistics, exact planning is currently almost impossible.

Especially in the case of unforeseen events, for example machine breakdowns or operator errors, production companies react only very slowly and inefficiently. In order to remain able to act despite this, companies plan for enormous buffers and develop expensive contingency plans. Skilled workers often have to fill the resulting gaps in the short term, which leads to overload and pressure situations. In the meantime, however, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing offer possibilities not only for standardised communication, but also for holistic, adaptive planning of the entire system.This is precisely what the software solutions from SYNAOS build on. Every single driverless transport vehicle and every forklift truck in a factory or logistics centre is connected to a central instance-the respective vehicles are networked with each other. The adaptive algorithms of the SYNAOS software solutions make it possible to continuously adjust the planning for the entire system. Not only each individual machine or each individual area should work optimally. Data flows in a structured manner and can be used efficiently, sources of error are reduced, quality increases and costs are reduced. Financial savings of up to 30 percent are possible. And if something unforeseen should happen, the planning and organisation is immediately re-established.

Cooperation with VW

The fact that the new software for optimising logistics flows is already attracting great interest is shown by the first collaboration of the still young company. For Volkswagen AG, the team is to deliver software solutions for intralogistics in the worldwide production facilities. Uwe Schwartz, head of planning for the Volkswagen brand: "We have found a strong partner in SYNAOS. The young, highly motivated team has great innovative strength and combines speed with broad knowledge of today's manufacturing processes."

One of the best-funded start-ups in Lower Saxony

SYNAOS had already concluded a financing agreement for six million euros with Volksbank eG Braunschweig Wolfsburg at the end of 2018. "SYNAOS is one of the best financed start-ups in Lower Saxony," says Dr Wolfgang Hackenberg, managing director of SYNAOS GmbH. "We are delighted to have two such strong partners at our side in the start-up phase of SYNAOS, Volkswagen AG and Volksbank BraWo," explains Hackenberg. "Both are willing to get involved in innovative approaches and want to make a long-term commitment. For us, this is the best basis to always have the benefit of our users in absolute focus and to revolutionise the production and logistics of the future," continues the CEO.

Jürgen Brinkmann, Chairman of the Board of Volksbank Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, adds: "As a Volksbank, we specifically support young companies in the region that want to open up new markets with high technology. The professionalism with which SYNAOS tackles the challenges of digitalisation in production was exceptional from day one and made the investment decision very easy for us."

Top-class advisory board with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster

The start-up's advisory board is also made up of top-class members. Among others, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster has been recruited. Wahlster is a professor of computer science and a pioneer of artificial intelligence. Over the past 30 years, he has built up the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), which he continues to oversee as chief advisor. "Germany is a world leader inKI technologies for Industry 4.0 and has a head start in this field over the USA and China of at least twoyears. However, it is important that the excellent research results also reach the floor of our factories. This is precisely where SYNAOS comes in, making an important contribution to the future viability of Germany as a production location," says Wahlster.

Minister President Weil: "SYNAOS creates highly qualified jobs".

The up-and-coming company from the state capital also wants to play an important role for industry in Lower Saxony in the future. "SYNAOS creates highly qualified jobs and shows that there are also first-class start-ups in Hanover," explains Lower Saxony's Minister President Stephan Weil. "I find the software for optimising the processes of driverless transport vehicles extremely exciting."

SYNAOS founding team with Minister President Weil. From left to right: Dr Wolfgang Hackenberg, Stephan Weil, Tobias Gagern, Dr Lennart Bochmann.

The three founders, CEO Dr Wolfgang Hackenberg, CPO Dr Lennart Bochmann and CTO Tobias Gagern, completed their education at top European and international universities and wrote their doctoral theses in the fields of intralogistics, flexible production and dynamic production control. Currently, the young staff is being supplemented step by step with further top-class experts from the field of software development. The SYNAOS team is particularly distinguished by having gained many years of management experience in the IT environment in large corporations and having developed innovative IT applications for production and logistics (Industry 4.0) in agile teams.

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