SYNAOS and SEW-EURODRIVE become strong partners

Industry 4.0: AI software controls premium hardware

Hanover, 29 March 2021. SYNAOS and SEW-EURODRIVE complement each other perfectly: The innovative software developer is now working together with the experienced automation specialist to practically test and further improve its AI software. Together, the two companies are developing strong solutions for the intelligent networking of production and logistics.

"Through the strategic partnership with SEW-EURODRIVE, together we are creating a premium offering with turnkey solutions consisting of hardware and software, including project management," explains Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg, CEO of SYNAOS. Customers benefit from additional services and deeper integration into factory automation - all from a single source. A strong signal for the target industries.

Unique software solution from SYNAOS

SYNAOS is a pioneer in the networking of autonomous transport vehicles, forklifts and people in intralogistics. The control system SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) serves as a conductor for the fleet, virtually controlling up to 1000 vehicles. A holistic optimization of the fleet increases its efficiency and significantly reduces costs. No other solution on the market delivers comparable results.

First joint project starts

In a first joint logistics project, SEW-EURODRIVE supplies the hardware, and more than 80 mobile robots are used. The smart software comes from SYNAOS: SYNAOS IMP will orchestrate the mobile robots and optimize them with artificial intelligence. The connection of the vehicles is based on the interface specification VDA 5050.

With the computing power of the cloud, the adaptive algorithms are able to calculate up to 250,000 possible solution paths - per second. As a result, the vehicles in the factory always take the best routes and thus avoid time-consuming delays. Orders are no longer processed bluntly, but distributed smartly and efficiently. The SYNAOS IMP never takes a break and reacts in real time to sudden changes. If one vehicle breaks down, another immediately takes over the job.

Both partners benefit from the cooperation: It helps to practically test and further improve modern automation projects. SYNAOS and SEW-EURODRIVE are a perfect match - a young start-up and a traditional international company tackle major challenges together. This not only strengthens their innovative power, but also provides valuable knowledge for the digital factory of the future.

This is SYNAOS

SYNAOS has been around since 2018 and is based in the heart of Hanover. The company is growing rapidly and already employs over 75 people - including proven specialists in artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms. SYNAOS harnesses the power of complexity and develops smart software solutions for logistics centres and factories. A top-class advisory board and strong partners support SYNAOS in the practical implementation of its innovative ideas. The first reference customers are Volkswagen AG and the online retailer Connox.

The three SYNAOS founders Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg (CEO), Dr. Lennart Bochmann (CPO) and Tobias Gagern (CTO) gained years of experience in the automotive industry as well as in the IT environment. This valuable know-how now flows fully into SYNAOS.

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